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  1. WeDo elementary for classes 1 and 2 (Age 6-9)
  2. Lego EV3 for classes 3-8 (age 9- 14)
  3. Arduino for classes 9 and above (age 14+)


The summer camps begin in the first week of April. It will be a 1-week activity session. 12 classes, activities and competitions will be covered in 1 week which will be equivalent to one level of robotics class. The students, if interested, can move on to higher levels and continue their coaching at the academy afterward.

Each topic will be first discussed using images and presentations will then be explained and understood through an activity. There will be activities and competitions in groups to make the kids more interactive, competitive, and cooperative and to develop some good qualities such as sharing, helping, team coordination, leadership, etc.

Summer camp- Other details

The camp will be in two sessions from 9.30 am to 4 pm. On completing the 1week class, they will be given certificates for completing one level of robotics training.

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