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Students of DCS academy Aluva, designed a fully functional home security robot which can inform about the threat in its vicinity and provide security against human interference and other hazards. The humanoid robot gives an all-around protection and help.

 “The robot is made using Arduino, sensors and Lego EV3 Mindstorm. Students wanted to build design and develop a humanoid robot. The interesting part of this robot is that it is built by five students of 4th – 10th standard. ” said Varghese John, the technical director of DCS. The academy introduces young and motivated kids to robotics.

The features of the humanoid robot include sound recognition, speech, voice-controlled movement, obstacle avoidance and detection of motion, flame, temperature, gas, smoke, and humidity. This special robot can recognize speech and can reply to the questions asked. The movements of the robot can be controlled using speech.

Students while unveiling the robot said, “It has sensors to warn about dangers of fire, water, thieves, and gas leakage. It has status lights and alarms to indicate threats along with the display.”

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