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Course Description

This course will combine both hardware and software skills, teaching you not just how to build a UAV, but how to control that UAV with the microcontroller. This will lay a foundation for controlling other robots, from vacuum cleaners to humanoid robotic arms. You will learn basics in electronics, 3 axis accelerometer , arduino, PID controllers. The course will be hands on and at the end of the course , students will take home a functioning autonomous UAV.(Hardware extra cost)

Each student will build and program their own small quadcopter. The course will provide basic components and a small number of replacement parts. We will cover PID controllers for stable flight, localization with a downward facing camera, and autonomous planning

We will cover the following topics:

Safety and ethics.
Sensing and actuation.
PID controllers.
High-level programming.
Networking and message passing.

The course will be hands on both building and programming the quadcopter. In class students will focus on building and programming. Out of class students will have related readings and software based assignments.

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