Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – Flying Robots

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Course Description This course will combine both hardware and software skills, teaching you not just how to build a UAV, but how to control that UAV with the microcontroller. This will lay a foundation for controlling other robots, from vacuum cleaners to humanoid robotic arms. You will learn basics in electronics, 3 axis accelerometer , arduino, PID controllers. The course

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Certificate course in Robotics & Automation

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Objective: At our Robotics course, Students learn the fundamentals of building a wide variety of robots. By learning important principles, students acquire the ability to create robots from their imagination. Students also learn how to program robots to move and use sensors, control their robots using remote control capabilities, and work in teams! This course is a combination of Electronics,

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Students of DCS Robotics Academy build their own home security robot.A Real-Life Robots That Inspired Big Hero 6 “Baymax”

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Students of DCS academy Aluva, designed a fully functional home security robot which can inform about the threat in its vicinity and provide security against human interference and other hazards. The humanoid robot gives an all-around protection and help.  “The robot is made using Arduino, sensors and Lego EV3 Mindstorm. Students wanted to build design and develop a humanoid robot.

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Biggest Summer Robotics camp in City! 2018 Cochin,Kerala.

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WeDo elementary for classes 1 and 2 (Age 6-9) Lego EV3 for classes 3-8 (age 9- 14) Arduino for classes 9 and above (age 14+) THE SUMMER CAMP The summer camps begin in the first week of April. It will be a 1-week activity session. 12 classes, activities and competitions will be covered in 1 week which will be equivalent

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Felicitated our Roborave2017 winners at DCS academy Panampilly Nagar

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Felicitated our Roborave2017 winners at DCS academy Panampilly Nagar, Cochin. Our young achievers were awarded by tennis player and former national champion Parul Goswami. She congratulated the DCS team and encouraged the kids to develop and pursue their passion. She emphasized focus on girls in the field of robotics and technology. Parents also shared their feedbacks of how learning through

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