Terms and Conditions for Our Franchisee

DCS Robotics Academy provides technology and robotics training programs for kids and teens. Our
curriculum is designed based on the S.T.E.M. principles viz. Science – Technology – Engineering –
Mathematics with the help of Robotics children understand various science and mathematics
concepts in a practical, creative and hands‐on approach.

What we provide to our franchisee:

  • Robotics Kits, Computers, and resources required for the various courses Guidelines for Child‐friendly infrastructure
  • Detailed curriculum for Elementary school (age 6‐9), Middle school (age 9‐14), Big kids(age 14+) each consist of Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced level programmes.
  • Worksheets for problem solving and evaluation
  • Training of franchisee staff at the beginning of the franchise ‐ Onsite
  • Additional training at DCS Robotics HO up to 2 times a year
  • Certificates to trained personnel
  • Certificates to students completing the course
  • Use of DCS Robotics branding and marketing materials in franchise advertisements

Requirements for Franchise:

  • 500 sq.ft. Office / Commercial Space with AC and child-friendly access.
  • Power supply with backup and power points for each table.
  • Furniture & Fittings as per specifications provided for minimum 15‐20 students batch

Minimum 2 Teaching faculty to be trained with Science or Engineering background

For more Details Call:+91 9946337666